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Reporting bug or glitches and abuse

This is to clear the air on how to go about reporting bugs, glitches and any items a players character may have.

If you find a bug and you are going to report it, please report it under this section, as all reports coming in will be hidden from the public. If you see someone with something they shouldn't have, report it as soon as possible.

You should notify one of the Moderator team immediately and we will go through the proper channels of getting it looked into, some things may look odd but could be genuine so for this reason, do not run around making a scene about it and causing the community upset when there could be an innocent explanation for how the player obtained the item. Any attempts to outsmart us, may even result into a permanent account/IP/MAC address ban.

If we feel that the bug you've reported might have been game breaking, you will be rewarded automatically the next time you log in, so please do not spam us for a reward.



The RuneRewind team


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