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Game Modes

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Game Modes

Here are the game modes that you will be able to choose in-game upon creating your account. These cannot be changed later in the game. They have been created to perfectly balance the economy, content and the wishes of the community. Combat and drop rates will take affect with the different game modes. The skilling rates are set to x25.


Game Mode Combat XP Rates Skilling XP Rates Drop Rates Shop Additional Fee's Instance Additional Fee's
Classic x100 x25 x0.25 15% 15%
Modern x50 x25 x0.5 10% 10%
Realism x25 x25 x1.0 0% 0%
latest?cb=1Ironman x25 x25 x1.5 0% 0%
latest?cb=1Hardcore Ironman x25 x25 x2.0 0% 0%


Once a latest?cb=1Hardcore Ironman dies, they will be downgraded to a regular latest?cb=1Ironman.



The RuneRewind team

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