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  1. Thirty seven
  2. 34
  3. Guuud
  4. Hi Durial! Remember me from kagani?
  5. Yes boyzzzzzzzzzz
  6. Ill join it tomorrow. And if u download it u cant accidentally leave
  7. Nice... Since i barely dont use skype this could be usefull.
  8. Okay, so i figured something out since alot of players sometimes go dry for a long time. Lets give an exemple with abbysal demons, drop rate of whip is 1/512. If you go dry 100 kills (more or less) you get 1/100 chance of receiving a abyssal whip/wand/book or whatever it may be. Same with other bosses but just add more or less kills depending on the boss/monster. If you logout this will be removed and u will have to restart the process.
  9. Putting it up like that it doesnt seems to overpowered.
  10. Tbh, i dont see a reason becouse having a store would be just as op as drop potential.
  11. Thats exactly what im trying to do.
  12. There would still be challange, since i wrote more or less. Means it could be 500 kills aswell, but just something that makes it impossibe to go dry forever. Still, this was just a suggestion.
  13. Yeah?
  14. Hahaha, just kidding. Norway is a nice country :3
  15. Hey! My name Is Anton and im from Sweden. I used to play kagani a while back in the time. Cant wait to see you all ingame!
  16. Eww, Norwegian... I wounder who's from there @Pax
  17. Welcome back! Those rsmv looking good dude!
  18. Lul, what even is that?
  19. Hi

    Lol, welcome captain!
  20. I mean sure. But it wont make that huge of a deal. Not many people will sit and grind 100 rago kills for 1/100 chance of getting a drop without logging out.
  21. Ohh Nice! Jo tack de äla fint
  22. Welcome! I used to play kagani for the last month or so when it still was on, maybe 2. But welcome back and lets make this an awesome One!