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  1. I'm sure CaptainArghh will find one (^_^)
  2. Lol, kk. Invite expired btw
  3. No, because you're just going to accidentally leave and RIP Discord xD.
  4. Really useful! Thanks a lot for this
  5. Sorry for the late response, but welcome.
  6. Glad that this has been solved. @Pax Please close/move this thread.
  7. In that case you should re-phrase your suggestion.
  8. I believe it would be better to add some sort of PvM Shop that will contain items such as Dragon, Abyssal Whip, Ring of Wealth, etc. So even if you kill eg; 1000 Abyssal Demons and dont get any drop, you still wont go "dry", as you'll be capable of buying an item from the shop that has more or less an equal value, meaning all your work wont be for nothing.
  9. Thanks man
  10. Hi

    More Posts = Bigger D
  11. What do you mean with "Yeah?"? It will increase ALL rares in the community, which is not good. If you dont get any items, just means that you're unlucky and need to work extra hard in order to get it. That's how it is, and that's how it should be.
  12. It applies to all items, meaning all rares. That also includes getting anything from a Brass Necklace from Hobgoblins, to Seismic Wand from Vorago.
  13. #Exposed
  14. I do not really support this. It will generally just increase the amount of rares in the economy which is never something good.
  15. This is a feature that I haven't seen on any server so far and I think that it would be a very good addition to the forums. I am currently un-aware of what staff positions exist, but I believe that Forum Moderators and/or Helpers should be capable of answering questions in the forums live support chat. Some of you might think that this feature is not necessary at this moment, but I actually think the opposite. Once the BETA begins, the Administratos will have their hands busy with fixing bugs and making sure that the player base stays happy. Please post your thoughts and opinions about this. Thanks in advance.