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  1. I sure do mate
  2. Hi There, My Name is Tim, i'm from the Netherlands. i'm 22 years old and i studied for IT (Computers & stuff) Currently i'm trying to get my self trained up, as i will go to fitness 4-7 times a week fROm tommorow, since i have the time. Changing my way of eating and stuff, getting healthy. But i will be around alot on RuneRewind:) That's what i promise, also i want to play soccer/football games again, so i gotta prepare myself for that!! So yeah, i can post a picture before/after hopefully soon If you guys would like that, kinda weird to tell this to everyone, but idc. also i cannot drink booze for along time. this bothers me alot haha All right Catch you all later, ~ D/T
  3. Welcome friend!
  4. This will be big Pax is putting alot of free time into this, that is for sure See you all the 6th of January - Durial321/Tim
  5. Hey Bro! Nice to have you back Thanks for a the testing. See ya ingame at the 6th of January
  6. Welcome back, great to have you on RuneRewind