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  9. Introduction: Hello all, You will likely already know me, either from Kagani or from YouTube - if not, that's what this post is for! For the longest time I have been into all things RuneScape, I started back in 2004 and have had literally more than a decade of enjoyment. I don't always play by the rules, my channel likely shows the sorts of things I get up to when I want something a little more interesting to get up to, but needless to say I am here to help Pax with and coding and bug testing that he needs. I was the lead QA tester for Kagani and I will be continuing that role for RuneRewind. I am on the server discord page, I normally go by Patyosaurs, but I am also Template. I hope to see you all in game on the 6th, and any of you who will be testing out the server beforehand. xo
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